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International Wireless Roaming may be easier close to home

Mexico Roaming
Roaming in Mexico
US phones that roam in Mexico are quite common, even with Prepaid.
Global Roaming
Roaming in Canada
Some US phones roam in Canada, including Prepaid. You can also purchase a Canadian phone or SIM.
Cuba Roaming
Roaming in Cuba
Most US phones will roam in Cuba but there are several limitations and costs may be significant.
Caribbean Roaming
Roaming in the Caribbean
Most US phones will roam in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.  A few plans do not roam for Free in those territories. Check with your carrier before you go.  All other areas of the Caribbean have the same restrictions as roaming in other foreign countries of the world.  A few carriers include them in their calling plans but most do not.
Global Roaming
Roaming on Cruise Ships
Using your cellular phone for calls or data on a cruise ship can be quite pricey but it should be much less than calling from your stateroom. It should be cheaper to use your phone while in port, if your phone can roam there. Cruise ships are normally required to turn off their onboard cellular access when they arrive at each port. Make sure your phone connects to the local, and usually less-expensive, network.
USA Roaming
Roaming in the USA
You knew we had to include roaming in the good 'ol USA.  Roaming in this part of North America has been taken for granted.  Mostly, each individual network covers the majority of the population in the US, but not all coverage is equal.  In some cases, phones may roam wherever they find a signal, and others will roam off-network only in select areas where a carrier has a roaming agreement.  Fortunately, finding areas with no coverage are the exception, not the rule, like it was just a few years ago.  Coincidently, addressing the poor roaming capabilities of phones in the US was the original objective of this web site.
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