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Travel Phones & SIM's
If your regular wireless phone won't roam or if your international roaming charges are too high, get a phone or a SIM for your travels.

Get Your Phone a Travel SIM
(Make sure your phone is "unlocked")
Europe SIM
  • Coverage on the best networks in over 100 countries including all of Europe.

  • 1GB of fast, 4G Data included. Additional data just $10 per GB.

  • Unlimited Free Incoming Calls and Text.

  • Low cost calls to USA and Canada.

  • Only $59 for one month, add months if you want more.

Europe SIM
  • Excellent coverage in over 190 countries with a dedicated global +44 phone number.

  • With or without balance included credit for calls, text and data.  Calls and Text as low at $.25, Data from $.06 per MB.  No fees or hidden charges.

  • Add a local US number for friends and family in the US to contact you at local rates.

  • All-in-One SIM card - Fits all handsets, tablets and hotspots.

  • Prepaid, No contract!  Recharge any time via phone, web or enable auto-fill.

Travel Phones
Unocked phones that can be used globally if your phone won't roam

  • Work in over 200 countries, depending on model.
  • Work with any of the SIM's listed below, or one purchased at your destination.
  • Work with networks in the US.
  • You're not tied to any one carrier.
  • Look for "global" models

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