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Roaming Code Key Roaming Codes:

System IDentification Numbers (SID List)
System Identification Numbers, or SIDs, are numeric codes used by cellular systems to identify the home system of a wireless carrier and by the wireless device to determine its roaming status. Our lists are updated as changes are discovered. Some entries are in the name of the legal office who represents the wireless company. In the US, cellular SID's were originally assigned and recorded by the FCC, but in 2003 they decided to privatize the function of assigning and recording cellular SIDs. Entries with expiration dates may have been renewed. Note: Some of these lists are large, but we have broken them into more download-friendly sizes.


▶ SID #1 - 999 ▶ SID #5000 - 5499

▶ SID #1000 - 1499 ▶ SID #5500 - 5999

▶ SID #1500 - 1999 ▶ SID #6000 - 7999

▶ SID #2000 - 3999 SID #10000 - 20000

▶ SID #4000 - 4499 ▶ SID #21500 - 22599

▶ SID #4500 - 4999

Mobile Network Codes (MNC)
The MNC is a 6-digit number used by wireless networks to determine on which network your wireless device should be operating. 
The MNC is transmitted by the cell site and a list of codes is saved in the wireless device.

Global Roaming
International Wireless Roaming:
If you're roaming outside the US, we have the tools you need to roam wirelessly. Find the roaming capabilites of your current phone, roaming with your current carrier, and prepaid phones that can roam outside the US.  Tap the knowledge of those who have gone before you, and don't overlook the wireless travel checklist before you leave home.

Cruise Ship Roaming
Cruise Ship Roaming:
You can use cellular on board a cruise ship but it can be quite expensive, especially if you use any data. Remember, checking email uses data. Connections are completed by satellite and pricing depends on your cruise line, phone model, plan and wireless carrier. We feature several low-cost alternatives.

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