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Travel Phones & SIM's
Using a separate phone for your travels, or a foreign SIM that works in your international destination, enables you to make local and US calls and access data keeping you from paying big roaming charges.  Buy your roaming gear here and be ready to start roaming the minute you land.

Roaming 'Travel' Phones:
  • Works in over 190 countries
  • No monthly fees, no minimum usage, no contract 
  • Only pay for calls as and when you make them 
  • Get an International phone number for life 
  • NO connection fees!
  • Phone prices start as low at $29!

Unlocked Phones:
  • Work in over 200 countries, depending on model.
  • Work with any of the SIM's listed below, or one purchased at your destination.
  • Work with networks in the US.
  • You're not tied to any one carrier.

 SIM's That Roam Around the World:

World SIM
  • Works in over 190 countries.

  • No monthly fess, no minimum usage, no contract.

  • Only pay for call as and when you make them.

  • Get an international phone number for life.

  • No connection fees.

Europe SIM
  • Coverage on the best networks in over 100 countries including all of Europe.

  • 1GB of fast, 4G Data included. Additional data just $10 per GB.

  • Unlimited Free Incoming Calls and Text.

  • Low cost calls to USA and Canada.

  • Only $59 for one month, add months if you want more.

Europe SIM
  • Excellent coverage in over 190 countries with a dedicated global +44 phone number.

  • With or without balance included credit for calls, text and data.  Calls and Text as low at $.25, Data from $.06 per MB.  No fees or hidden charges.

  • Add a local US number for friends and family in the US to contact you at local rates.

  • All-in-One SIM card - Fits all handsets, tablets and hotspots.

  • Prepaid, No contract!  Recharge any time via phone, web or enable auto-fill.

Satellite Phones
  • If you are traveling to areas where there is little or no cellular coverage, a satellite phone allows calls to be made and received anywhere in the world. Satellite phone service prices are falling but are still more expensive than land-based cellular service.
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